As the end of the year approaches we are all prone to making New Year’s resolutions. Considering many of us do not keep our resolutions, this year I would like you to consider the making GOAL of getting involved by fostering one of our Labradors. Fostering is one of the most rewarding thing that you can do. I am sure you may be wondering why and also have some questions, so let me try to explain….Every rescue dog usually arrives skinny, scared, unsure or maybe a little obnoxious because he is not sure of what is asked of him. Within a few days you will witness the most amazing transformation as your foster dog will fill in, learn incredibly quickly, finally feel safe and relaxed and simply bloom.

The most reasons I hear for not fostering:

I CANNOT DO IT AS I WILL GET  TOO ATTACHED AND NOT LET THE LABRADOR GO: This is the most typical answer I get. Well yes sometime it may be true. But fostering is not about being selfish and worrying about our own feelings. It is about saving lives and our love for labs. The first time is a little hard to let your foster go, but watching the new family being so happy, getting updates on the new life of the dog, makes it all much easier. Plus the moment one is adopted you know you can save one more. Soon you will get used to letting the dog go. It will hurt a tiny bit every time but the pain will last less and less and you will know it is worth it.

MY KIDS WILL GET TOO ATTACHED: Actually kids handle fostering a lot better than adults. As long as you explain them the process they will understand. They like the variety of getting a different Labrador every few months: We always have kids looking at our website to see who the next foster will be.

I DON’T HAVE TIME: Actually fostering does not take more time that you would dedicate to your own dogs. We want our fosters to get used to a typical routine so we do not ask you to be with them all the time. The first couple of days may be a little more demanding as the dog get adjusted to a new environment but soon after that he should be right on your schedule.

I DON’T HAVE MONEY: Fostering is the cheapest way for you to get involved and help. We pay all the veterinary expenses associated with the dog. Usually our fosters buy the dog food because they just feed what they have at home (you can tax deduct the cost of food) but if that is a problem we can even buy your food. Any veterinary cost we cover as long as you can bring the dog to one of our vets. We even cover the cost of training if that is needed to resolve some issues.

It is easy, it is fun, it is rewarding. Considering adding fostering to your resolutions for 2013 and submit your foster application now.

I Want to Foster


All the pictures are  some of my fosters now all in wonderful homes living a good life.


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