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This week I learned that letting go makes me happier than holding on.

For the past few weeks all my friends have been asking how I could let go a puppy so cute and fun. I considered keeping him and letting him go was not easy… until I realized that letting him go would make me even happier.  It helps that we have some wonderful people supporting us and when a family adopts a second dog from us is even more special. CC, now McGraw is enjoying his mew life with Buddy (aka Air Bud). He is playing all day and teaching his new brother not to be scared and to enjoy life.

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Freckle (1 of 1)-17

I know there will be a day when I will not be able to let go, but in the meantime the feeling of letting go and the knowledge that my house is open to save another dog feel my heart and make me happy.

Below is the movie I was sent a few hours after CC went to his new home. I was still missing him and watching this video made it all better. Thank you for sending me this video and for adopting this special puppy….Now on to the next foster!

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