As part of our mission we like to go around town to educate kids about ethical treatment of animals and safety around dogs.   The helper this year was Rex, adopted from LFS a few years ago. The mission was to impress the students at Heards Ferry Elementary School during Career Day (it is not easy to be cooler than a police man!) and teach them about dog rescue.  It was a fun and busy morning: We talked about why  rescuing dogs is so important, why labs need to be indoor dogs, and how to take care of a lab. We also discussed the importance of spaying/neutering and heartworms prevention, how to safely approach a strange dog,  and of course we talked a lot about labs and their origins. When students asked if we make a lot of money with this “job” we had to explain that some things have no monetary value, although we wished this job came with a nice big salary. The students had a lot of very good questions and of course the highlight of the morning was Rex. Rex enjoyed all the love he received and he was the best assistant one can ask for. If you ever want us to come to your school just get in touch with us. It is a great experience for the kids, us, and our dogs!

Thank you Rex and Trish for being great teachers.

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