Happy Gotcha Day Loki!

Meet Loki

I was LFS alumni Mr Leo that was adopted back in March 2016.  I’m very happy to meet you….in fact, just about everything makes me happy!  I am almost 7 years old and healthy as can be.  I maintain my athletic figure by eating well (I do love my biscuits, but try not to over do eating them), exercising (I love chasing tennis balls – I’m really good at finding them even when they’re buried in leaves) and playing with my 2 and 4 legged siblings.  When I went for my check-up recently, I weighed in at 60 lbs….lean and muscular!  When I’m not playing, I do like to snooze…..my parents let me nap on the couch, but I’m happy to sleep anywhere that is soft.  Sometimes, I like to lie outside on the deck in the sun.  And I love to cuddle – you’re never too big to be a lap dog.  Oh and scratch my chest and I’m in heaven…..so happy!  I am a Belgian Shepherd/Lab mix – the Shepherd in me makes me want to take care of my family – it’s my job to make sure that anyone who comes into the house is supposed to be there.  I’ll give them the once over and if they’re nice to me and my family, then I’m ok with them.  I love being part of my family, running all over the yard and playing.   My family has to move to another state in a small place that doesn’t allow dogs.  They’re heartbroken to be separated from me and want me to find a good home.   Looking for foster home. 

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