Happy Gotcha Day Louise!

Meet Louise (Lulu)

Louise (LuLu) is 4 months old. She was found as a stray and no one claimed this sweet face. She is very friendly and affectionate and working on potty training.
Check back for more info as we learn more about her!

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Foster update 2/12: Louise is excellent with other dogs. She loves her foster brother T-Rex. She continues to remain a petite 20ish lbs and will likely stay this size. She loves dogs big and small, respects cats, and loves people. She is house trained and quietly sleeps in a crate at night. She would prefer sharing a bed with her future owner though if possible. 

Foster update 2/8: Miss Louise has a case of the Mondays and is enjoying some down time from running around in the yard with her foster siblings. As you can see in the picture Louise is good with small dogs. Louise now knows how to ring bells hanging on the door when she needs to go potty which is very helpful.

Foster update 01/18:  on Miss Louise made herself a little nest on a chair. She pulled those blankets up there herself and made herself comfortable.

Foster update: Miss Louise is a typical puppy who just loves all dogs and people. She is now 18 weeks old.
She is doing so good with her potty training. Only a few accidents in her kennel over the last week! She loves doggie daycare and snuggling with the staff. She does like to jump so we are working on that. She never turns down a treat, a bell rub or a warm bed to snuggle on 

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