Happy Gotcha Day Lucas!!

Meet Lucas

MEET THE STRANGER THINGS LITTER! These adorable babies are about 6 weeks old and were just rescued from a shelter.  There are 4 boys (Eddie, Dustin, and Lucas) and 4 girls (Eleven, Nancy, Robin, and Maxine). They definitely have not had the easiest start to life. It appears that somebody attempted to crop the tails of 5 of them, which have become mildly infected, and they are all riddled with intestinal parasites and fleas. The smallest pup, Maxine, is the runt of the litter and about a quarter of the size of everybody else. She has some evidence of possible hydrocephalus, so we will be watching her closely the next few days. Our veterinary team is working hard to get them all nursed back to health and feeling better. Stay tuned for updates as we learn more! 

Foster    Adopt

FOSTER UDPATE 2/12: I am still growing like a weed. I never bark, not even when my foster brothers are barking. I like to snuggle under the covers in bed. I don’t pee or poop in my crate. I am even left at home all day with no accidents. I love chewing on toys and that’s all I chew on. I will steal a sock or two out of the dirty clothes but never chew on them. I just think it’s the scent from my foster parents I like. If you forget when to feed me don’t worry I am good at reminding you. Either with laying my paw on you or giving you kisses. I am a very behaved boy just looking for my forever home.

FOSTER UPDATE:Mr Lucas is growing strong and more confident everyday. We are currently working on potty training. He is catching on quickly. He still has some accidents.

FOSTER UPDATE: When I am hungry I sit so proper in the kitchen patiently waiting. But I get so excited to eat I turn in circles and stick my tongue out like a lizard. When my foster parents gets ice from the ice maker. I run in the kitchen so I can get my piece just like my foster brothers do.

FOSTER UPDATE: said watching football done wore him out. But he is full of personality and energy. He loves playing with his sister. He is laid back and not as curious as most puppies. Not much for cuddling with human but loves laying next to his sister. Updated pictures. Poor guy his legs are longer than his body.


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