Happy Gotcha Day Marley!

Meet Marley

Miss Marley has made it to our vet’s office and is resting. She is about 14-15 years old, and she has certainly had a rough go of things recently. Poor Marley was surrendered to the shelter because her owner knew Marley was sick and could not provide the care she needed. As a senior girl, Marley has her fair share of “old dog” problems like chronic dry eye and arthritis, but unfortunately Marley is also emaciated, making her body weaker and that much harder to get around. You can see every rib and hip bone sticking out, and it just breaks our hearts. Marley has a heavy hookworm (intestinal parasite) infection and fleas, which has contributed to her poor body weight and caused an anemia. In addition, Marley has a severe ear infection, severe dental disease, and a few masses that may eventually need to be removed. When she was evaluated by our vet, we took x-rays and also found out that the left side of her chest is covered in buckshot. Clearly Marley has been through a lot, and our vets are doing everything they can to get Marley more comfortable and moving around better. Food and calories must be reintroduced slowly to avoid refeeding syndrome, as this can be deadly, so we have to be patient. We know it is going to take a lot of TLC to get Marley back in good shape, but we are confident we can help make the remainder of her golden years the best she’s ever known. She is the sweetest dog and hasn’t let anything deter her from getting a few scratches and pets in whenever she can.

Marley will need to stay with our vet’s office for a week or so to ensure she tolerates the refeeding schedule okay and her anemia is improving. This unfortunately does not come without cost, and her initial workup is already close to $700. We would greatly appreciate any and all donations to help toward Marley’s treatment and recovery. If you would like to donate, please head to https://labradorfriends.com/donate/.

Marley surely thanks you with kisses!

Foster update: Miss Marley spa day: She went to the specialist last week and we will be waiting for the rest of the results but we do know she has cancer in a tleast one spot but it looks like she has  many cancer spots…:-(



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