Happy Gotcha Day Maxine!

Meet Maxine

MEET THE STRANGER THINGS LITTER! These adorable babies are about 6 weeks old and were just rescued from a shelter.  There are 4 boys (Eddie, Dustin, and Lucas) and 4 girls (Eleven, Nancy, Robin, and Maxine). They definitely have not had the easiest start to life. It appears that somebody attempted to crop the tails of 5 of them, which have become mildly infected, and they are all riddled with intestinal parasites and fleas. The smallest pup, Maxine, is the runt of the litter and about a quarter of the size of everybody else. She has some evidence of possible hydrocephalus, so we will be watching her closely the next few days. Our veterinary team is working hard to get them all nursed back to health and feeling better. Stay tuned for updates as we learn more! 

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Foster update Ms Maxine is ready to find her forever family When she first came to LFS she weighed 1.3lbs while her siblings weighed triple her weight. We were concerned about her health and some growing issues. She has proved she just needed some good nutrition and love, because she is a healthy pup! She is now a healthy 9lbs and growing. She has 0 accidents in her kennel and will tell you when she needs to go out. She still has an accident occasionally in the house but she’s so close!
Maxine knows how to sit, wait and place. She demands on the couch for her naps and knows what she likes. She has puppy energy but is a fairly calm puppy. Her best friend is a 3 month old kitten and a 1 year old baby. She hasn’t spent more than 4 hours away from her foster mom so she would love to have a family that includes her in everything.

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