Happy Gotcha Day Mickey!

Meet Mickey

Meet Mr Goofy, Miss Daisy, Miss Minnie, Mr Mickey and Miss Donna just got their freedom ride from the shelter to the vet.  They are 3 to 4 months old.  If you all remember Care Bear.  This is Care Bears puppies.  Owner surrendered her months back. Then the owner just now surrendered the pups.  We found their mom a great forever home. Now we have to find her babies an awesome just like their mommy.

Foster    Adopt

Foster update 10/13: Foster update on Mr Mickey joined us for dinner last night. He behaved wonderfully on the patio while we ate. He has definitely started coming out of his shell. He has so much personality and likes to talk . This boy loves to play and eat! He does well with kids and loves other dogs! Mickey is super intelligent and has mastered sit and down.

Foster update 10/07: for mr Mickey enjoyed getting out and about this weekend accompanying his foster momma while running some errands. He was the best boy and road quietly in the passenger seat. Mickey is doing better with his house training and sleeps quietly in his crate through the night. Mickey is pretty laid back and loves lounging around the house or crawling into our arms for snuggles. He does still get his zoomies and loves to rough house with his foster siblings or accompany them on their patrols around the yard.

Foster update 09/20/22: Donna (female, pink collar) and Mickey (male, blue collar) have been enjoying their foster home. There is plenty of room for them to run/play and they have definitely been taking advantage of it. These sweet babies are definitely mixed with some hound and love sniffing around the yard and letting out little hound howls every once in awhile! Donna is definitely the instigator, she always finding something or someone to play with or keep her busy. She hasn’t had an accident in the house since we brought her home but tends to be a little more vocal than her brother. Mickey is more laid back and is always ready for some snuggles. We have been working on his house training but he still has had a few accidents. It’s hard to be upset with that sweet face though!!

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