LFS_AdoptedDog_Millie2015Happy Gotcha Day Millie!


Meet MILLIE!! This sweet girl is about 8 years old. She was found as a stray two months ago, but despite all efforts to find her family, she was never reclaimed. The kind people who found her contacted LFS to give her another chance. Now this pretty girl is a little scared and unsure of what’s going on in her life, but once she gets to her foster home and gets some LFS loving, she’ll realize she’s safe again. Millie is a pretty laid back dog, and she is house trained and not destructive. Her finders said that whenever anyone comes in the house, she will bring them the closest item as a present, but she has never chewed/destroyed anything. Millie is a wonderful girl who would make the perfect dog for anyone looking for a calm, laid back friend. Stay tuned for updates on Millie as we get her into her foster home.

Foster Update 08/17: Miss Millie is adjusting well in her foster home.  She is still a little nervous in new situations, but once she has her routines down and knows what to expect, she is a happy camper.  Millie would do well as someone’s one and only or with another older, calmer dog with similar demeanor.  She gets along well with her 3 foster siblings, but it took a minute for her to figure out her place in the pack.  She doesn’t care for little dogs, yappy dogs, or overly-excitable dogs.  Being 8-9, she’s earned the right to be selective about her siblings!  Millie does love all people, though, and would do well with older children who know how to treat a dog or even a more mature family. Millie has a touch of arthritis and takes medicine for it, but she still has plenty of energy.  She isn’t a huge fan of walking on a leash and tends to drag behind, but once the leash comes off, she loves to frolic around and play.  She is 100% housebroken.  She has an adorable habit of bringing you a toy or bone when you come home, as if she were bringing you a present!   Her favorite place is to stand right between your legs or next to you on the couch.  This sweet senior gal has tons of love left to give and deserves a sweet home to match!





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