Happy Gotcha Day Minnie!

Meet Minnie

Meet Mr Goofy, Miss Daisy, Miss Minnie, Mr Mickey and Miss Donna just got their freedom ride from the shelter to the vet.  They are 3 to 4 months old.  If you all remember Care Bear.  This is Care Bears puppies.  Owner surrendered her months back. Then the owner just now surrendered the pups.  We found their mom a great forever home. Now we have to find her babies an awesome just like their mommy.

Foster    Adopt

Foster update 09/14/22: She has adjusted well to being in a foster home the last 2 nights. She is a curious puppy and likes to check out her surroundings. She gets along great with our 2 school age kids. She is playful, learning how to fetch a ball, and taking cues from our older lab. She looks forward to meal time and we have had to implement a maze feeder dish to slow her down.
She has done well with crate training in the house and car. She’s had ZERO accidents in the crate. Yay! Getting better on the leash. She gets slightly nervous, skittish with loud movements (trucks, cars driving by, other dogs barking) but continues on with encouragement/praise. We are also working on teaching her to sit. Like most labs she is a fast learner. 

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