Happy Gotcha Day Moe!

Meet Moe

Mr Moe and Mr Curley are estimated to be 16 to 17 weeks old. Thanks to foster dad Mark for giving them their freedom ride from the shelter to the vet. They got a lot love at the vet.  More info to come soon.

Foster    Adopt

Foster Update 2/12: Moe has officially stolen his foster moms heart , he follows her everywhere and is obsessed with his foster sister, Lacey. He sleeps very well in his crate at night, though he would rather snuggle up in bed. He LOVES to snuggle as close as he can, always. Moe is still working on getting comfortable with strangers so he needs an owner that will continue to help him realize people aren’t so scary. He also would like older kids or no kids so he can relax with no fast movers. He is down for any adventure! Especially if his foster sister likes it, so does he! He’d love another dog in the house to play with and snuggle up on.
He’s mastered the puppy eyes 
He loves other dogs and lives with 4 cats with no issues.
He is potty trained and knows sit, come, down, stay, place, wait, heel etc.

Foster Update 2/13: Moe is loving life, and loving spending time with his foster family. We can’t believe he hasn’t been adopted yet! He is incredibly sweet, snuggly and so well mannered! His puppy eyes are the cutest thing ever.


Foster update 01/29: Moe is now 35lbs and doing so much better with his potty training. He is crate trained and is doing amazing with his training. He is becoming more social but loves to meet you on his terms. He always wants to snuggle and give hugs and kisses. He loves chewing his bones and playing with his foster sister, Lacey. He lives with 4 cats and does amazing with them. Moe would prefer a home with older kids who can give him a bit more space. His foster mom is smitten with this sweet boy and can’t wait for him to find his family

Foster update01/17:  Moe had a good day today. We are working on potty training. He doesn’t quite understand that we go potty outside only. We are also working on basic commands and liking the kennel. Moe loves to play with his foster sister, Lacey. He does very well with our cats. We are working on him liking my husband and visitors. He is very nervous with people and noises he doesn’t recognize.

Foster update 01/14:Mr Moe went into foster home today.  Which will help him find his home. Mr Moe is settling in and doing great. He was hesitant about meeting the tiny human (17 months old) but once he realized the tiny human is respectful, he is now laying in his room while the tiny human plays. He’s super snuggly and playful and his face just melts our hearts.

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