Meet Ozzy

I’m Ozzy, Mr. Pawsi-tivity.  I’m excited to meet you!
You probably saw my sneak peek photo this week from my rescue ride from Ms. Trish.  The pic of the handsome fella with light eyes, yeah that’s me. And if you’re wondering how my week is going, well let me tell you. Never better.

I just had a milestone birthday – I’m 3 years old. You Lab Lovers know – IYKYK. I’m sleeping well and eating well. My body pawsitive mindset keeps me at 80 lbs with a thicc booty.  This booty was made to keep the couch warm on chilly days. If you scratch it I wiggle to regenerate energy. I’m basically an eco-friendly sustainable best friend.

I sleep well because, well, I’m a 3 year old lab. I enjoy making 2 legged and 4 legged  friends.  During my days at the shelter I was considered the go-to “tester” to greet new dogs. Mr. Pawsitivity likes all – small, tall, even round like a ball. Even tough and “why you mad, bruh” dogs can’t stay mad at a face with a booty like this.

I’m glad we got to meet today. I hope we get to meet in person soon.




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