Happy Gotcha Day Paul!

Meet Paul!

Meet the Beatles and Yoko litter: 4 boys and 1 girl.  They are 15 weeks old.  They are 20-28lbs. George is smallest and John is largest.  All sweet and a little shy, but chubby and good eaters.  Thanks to Miss Jeannie for transporting them on their freedom ride to the vet.

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates!

Foster    Adopt

Foster update: Our sweet Pauly boy got neutered yesterday! The surgery went very smooth! He’s back with his foster family and back to his normal antics. It has been quite the entertainment watching him navigate with his new accessory Even in the cone of shame he is still the happiest boy!!

Foster update: We took Pauly to the pond this afternoon! He was way more excited about the mud than the water   Needless to say now it’s bath time

Foster update: Paul aka Pauly continues to be the sweetest boy! He is so happy and smiling all the time! He LOVES other dogs and would do best in a home with another playful dog. He has done well around our chickens with no prey drive which would make me think he would do fine around cats. We have been working diligently on his jumping and grabbing food out of our hands but he can still forget his manner sometimes. Because of this we think he would do best with school age kids or older so his enthusiasm for life and food doesn’t upset a smaller child. He is extremely food motivated which makes training a breeze! Paul loves to snuggle and be apart of anything and everything. He is 100% house trained and great on a leash. Pauly would love nothing more than to find a family excited and willing to accept the abundance of love this sweet, happy boy has to offer!

Foster update Mr Paul continues to be the happiest boy! He has found a new love for balls and playing fetch! He LOVES our dogs and enjoys rough housing and exploring the yard with them. Paul has had no accidents in the house and walks great on a leash. He still has a lot of goofy puppy personality. He would do best in a home that can continue to work on basic puppy manners, has another dog to play with and has older kids. He is super sweet but gets really excited and can forget to be gentle with smaller kids. Paul is such a sweet and deserving boy. He desperately wants to please, love you and be loved .

Foster update Who’s else has a personal Sous Chef Adoptable Paul is always the first one ready to taste test anything I’m cooking .

Foster update: Paul is definitely settling in while simultaneously going through his “teenage” years. Paul is a busy boy that loves to chase balls, go on walks and carry socks around the house   He hasn’t been destructive but loves to explore everything the world has to offer  Currently his all time favorite findings are all the fun treats on the kitchen counter. Paul is a smart boy that will need a family able to exercise and continuing training on his basic house managers. He LOVES our dogs and rough housing anytime either of them are up for it! Paul would do best in a home with another playful dog to keep him company

Foster update on Mr  Paul has been doing great! He loves his walks and does GREAT on a leash with absolutely no pulling. He has had no accidents in the house and still does great off leash in the yard. Paul comes as soon as he is called and has also mastered “sit”. Paul loves to chase and rough house with his foster sister but his all time favorite activities is snuggling with his foster momma and foster sister! He is pretty laid back for a puppy but does still get his zoomies! Paul would love another dog friend to keep him company and would do great in a family with kids! He does occasionally jump up but otherwise is extremely gentle and loving! He still isn’t a huge fan of the car but we have been taking him on short little drives to hopefully get him more comfortable!




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