Happy Gotcha Day Pumpkin!

Meet Pumpkin

Urgent this little guy needed our help.   We got a call from animal control on this little guy that was need of help as he was limping.

Meet Mr Pumpkin he is about 4 months old.  Pumpkin presented for a health exam, vaccines and limping.  Upon examination, it was noted he was favoring his left rear leg.   X-rays show swelling of the left distal lower femur and damage to the femoral neck of the left femur.  Likely this damage was due to a previous injury that did not heal correctly.  He was has diagnosis of the femoral neck osteoporosis, where blood supply to the bone is reduced due to injury.  Given the presentation of the femoral neck, it is Recommened to consider a procedure called an FHO or femoral head ostectomy to improve his comfort and remove the damaged bone.  This a procedure that will benefit him now and in the future.  His recovery would be expected to have a normal life long term.   If any of you can help with donations towards his guys surgery it would be greatly appreciated.

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Update on 10/13/22:  Pumpkin is such a good sweet natured dog! He has yet to meet a stranger. He loves his breakfast and dinner and treats in between. He is a goofy little ball of energy but so loving! He still needs to be crate trained but I think he can definitely do it because he is such a smart boy! He is looking for a foster or forever home. 

Update 09/20/22:  Mr Pumpkin is doing great post surgery. What a speedy recovery it’s been for him! The leg will never be “perfect” but he is using it well and not letting it slow him down with all his puppy energy.

Mr pumpkin after surgery and laser treatment

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