Meet Rip

He was found with her Momma Beth and little sisters, Kayce (F), Monica (F), and Teeter (F) abandoned and hungry on a back road in South Georgia.
This 4 month old, sweet boy is incredibly affectionate and loves playtime! He gets along well with dogs of all shapes and sizes! He is making great progress with his basic commands and potty training. He’s still a bit unsure about cats (he hid as soon as he spotted one). Rip would make an awesome addition to pretty much any household!

Foster    Adopt

Foster update:  Adoptable Rip soaking up some foster snuggles this weekend! . We know someone out there is looking for their snuggle buddy!

Foster update: Rip is one of the sweetest boys!  He plays so good with dogs of all sizes. He does have puppy energy, but is not overly excitable. Rip is around 4 months old and looking for his forever home or a foster home. He is doing amazing with no accidents on his kennel and we are working on his puppy nips. This boy with fit into whatever family and make the perfect companion! 

Foster Update: Rip is one of the best puppies! He is LOVING his first day at doggie daycare and got to have a mini play date with lfs alumn, Moe. 

As a typical puppy, he likes to be a bit mouthy but is learning very fast he doesn’t get the attention he wants when he does that. He is also working on not going potty in his kennel and is doing so good!
If you’re looking for the best companion, look no further!! 

Foster Update: Just dropping by to say, I am the bestest boy! I play so well with all dogs-big, small, old and young I also haven’t had an accident in my kennel since coming to my new boarding facility. I never meet a stranger and come when called, always! I love being at this boarding facility but I want to be with a family so bad! Are you able to foster me? Or better yet, adopt me?! 


Foster Update: Hi!  It’s me Rip . I continue to do well in my foster home. I’m doing really well with crate training. I’m an outgoing and friendly pup and love playing with other dogs.I’m eager to find my forever home and a family. My foster mom tells me to stay pawsitive, but I cannot wait. I would prefer a home with another dog. Can you help me? 
Thanks, Rip 

Foster Update: It’s me… Rip reporting from my foster mom’s. I’m now 13 wks old and a whopping 16 lbs. I’m a good boy and always clean my plate. Everyone thinks my little belly is hilarious, but I don’t understand the fuss. My favorite thing to do is to play outside with my friends. I love running and chasing the ball. My foster mom says I’m really fast, and that she cannot take her eyes off of me.
I love it here, but I dream and pray for a forever home of my own. Do you know anyone who’s looking for a cute boy, who’s super smart, and loves to play? 

FOSTER UPDATE:  Hi, This is Rip from the Yellowstone litter. I wanted to give everyone an update from my foster home. I had a fun filled weekend full of excitement and new adventures. On Saturday, I attended my first LFS adoption event where I wrestled with a new friend named Beans (also available). Boy did we have fun. We played till we could hardly keep our eyes open. I made new human friends too and received lots kisses and belly rubs. I especially loved the belly rubs. My sister, Monica, was adopted by a wonderful family. I sure do miss her, but am happy she found her forever home. My foster mom is giving me extra love and told me to be patient and that my forever family will come soon. Today we spent the day at Aunt Lala’s and boy does she know how to spoil a pup. I didn’t have much of an appetite and was missing my sister. Aunt Lala cooked me an egg and added something called cheese. In my 11 weeks, I’ve never tasted anything soooo delicious. I barked and begged, as loud as I could for more, but Aunt Lala said it would upset my stomach. I know she knows best but I sure wanted more. We then ran and played outside. I loved the sun on my face and running through the tall grass. I found more sticks and my foster mom would chase me with them in my mouth. She couldn’t catch me…. I’m too fast. It’s time to get some rest…. I’m so tired. Rip

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