Happy Gotcha Day Rosette!

Meet Rosette

Miss Rosette is a chocolate lab and she just had her freedom ride, with her siblings. They estimate she is about 8 months old.
Thanks to her transporter today for giving them a ride to the vet.  All 4 are Owner surrenders. 

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Foster update: Miss. Rosie (Rosette) is finally settling in. She has begun to feel safe in our home and enjoys hanging out around the house with us. She is no longer crated and spends the day out and about around the house while I’m at work. I come home to check on her during lunch. She’s getting better on walks but loud noises or neighbors dogs barking are still scary for her. She finds comfort walking closely behind our dogs, her “security guards”. Rosie (Rosette) would much rather play off leash in the back yard or snuggle up on the couch. She has a medium-low energy level but would love a four legged friend willing to rough house with her. Rosie (Rosette) would do best in a home without a lot of people coming and going, a fenced in back yard, another dog to play with and someone that can give her a little time to settle in. She is so cute and spunky and it’s been amazing to see her grow into such a wonderful dog! She just needs a little time, love and some training. https://labradorfriends.com/rosette/

Foster update Rosie (Rosette) has spent her entire life forgotten in a back yard with very limited human interaction. Due to this, she has been having some trouble adapting to living inside with her humans. Loud noises, new people and fast movements are very scary for her. She has made a lot of progress this week and is beginning to trust us and enjoy being part of a family.  We went up to the farm this weekend. She slept for the better part of the 2 hour drive and spent the rest of the trip looking out the window. Rosie (Rosette) spent the weekend off leash playing with our dogs, running up to us for love, exploring and wading in the creek. Rosie has respected the property boundaries very well and tends to happily follow around our dogs. She LOVESSS being outside and being around other dogs. She’s even gotten our  grumpy old man to rough house with her  Rosette would do best in a home with at least one other confident dog and a big yard for all the activities

Foster update on Rosette, Rosie for short . We brought Rosie home today. She spent the afternoon exploring the backyard and chasing/rough housing with her foster sister. Rosie is a laid back love bug! It seems that she has not lived in a house or been around many kind people. We have been spoiling her with treats and love today to hopefully get her a little more comfortable. Rosie would do best with another 4 legged sibling to play with and show her life’s not so scary any more .

Foster Update: Miss Rosette has really come out of her shell since she came to us! She had a little issue with her spay incision so she has been hanging out with the techs in our treatment area getting spoiled. She is always all smiles and tail wags!




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