Meet Rosie

Happy Gotcha Day Rosie! She is formerly known as Dixie Rose, has come back to LFS due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control and through no fault of her own. She was loved dearly by her previous family, who clearly gave her lots of extra TLC during their time together. You may or may not remember that Rosie suffers from major anxiety, but we are pleased to report she has improved since we last saw her  She currently takes medication on a daily basis to help her cope with that pesky anxiety. Rosie is back in her original foster home where we will continue to help her build on the progress she’s made, but she still has a ways to go. We say that as lovingly as possible because we just don’t want to give you the impression that she is a “plug and play” type of gal. She requires a good bit of extra patience and we are committed to finding this sweet girl the perfect happily ever after. She has a lot of love to give and easily steals the hearts of all she meets. Her foster fur siblings are also helping her continue to gain confidence and with that being said, any potential forever home must have another dog(s) for her to hang out and bond with. It is also evident that Rosie gravitates towards to the lady of the household, so we feel that her primary caregiver needs to be a female. Sorry guys, she just takes a bit longer to warm up to gentlemen but she will eventually get there.  She does have a playful side when she is able to tell her anxiety to take a hike for a bit. She enjoys playing with a toy or grabbing a chew stick, but the most adorable thing she does is play in the yard with a ball…. all by herself  Check out this cute video!

Foster update: Rosie(formerly known as Dixie Rose) is still patiently waiting for her perfect home   She does require a patient, calm home that already has a confident dog to follow around and help her continue to come out of her shell. Since she is extremely skittish, her forever home must have a completely fenced in yard as she gets spooked easily and will take off out of fear. While she has been around kids on multiple occasions and done just fine, we think for her sake she’d be most comfortable in a home without small children on a regular basis. We say that because loud noises and sudden movements make her extremely uneasy. Some of Rosie’s favorite activities include going for walks around the neighborhood (always on a leash of course!!), playing with balls, chasing her foster fur siblings in the yard, meal time, and cuddling on the couch. While we realize adopting a dog like Rosie comes with extra responsibility and lots of patience, seeing the impact you make in her life will be more gratifying than you could ever imagine. We promise.

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