Today, surrounded by her family at her favorite spot at home, Sadie Jo (Savannah) crossed the rainbow bridge.  We consider it very lucky to have been given what feels like a bonus six months with following her osteosarcoma diagnosis back in October 2021.  She was the model of successful adaptation to ‘tripawd’ life and didn’t let it reduce her spirits or her love for outings with the family.   Unfortunately, despite trying a few kinds of chemo therapies, Sadie’s cancer metastasized.   She continued to live her best life up to the final moments, trying new foods and having new adventures.

I’ll keep close to my heart the memories of our outings to swim in Georgia streams, the joy she got from “sneaking” special cheese snacks from her Cheese Buddy (Brian), our her annual photos with Santa, and how sweet and playful she was whoever meeting a new puppy.

Sadie Jo came into our lives nearly 12 years ago as a rescue from Labrador Friends of the South.  From the moment I saw her on their website (named Savannah, then), I knew I wanted to adopt her.  Since then she’s flown cross country three times, moved four times, made it through a TPLO surgery and finally been an cancer fighter.  She’s always looked out for her family and been the matriarch of this house.  She will be terribly missed but I know she’s running with four legs with her friends that passed before her now.

– David & Brian & Izzy


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