Happy Gotcha Day Simba!

Meet Simba

Mr Simba just came in and just arrived at our vet.  He is about a year old now. Looking a foster or forever home.  Very sweet boy with lots of energy. He is gorgeous & loves people. He’s learning how to play with other dogs since he didn’t have much exposure to them previously. Yesterday he walked well on a leash with another dog. He is housebroken & loves toys, but his favorite thing is being with people.

Foster Update 06/21/2022: Simba has been in a foster home for about a week and a half now and is doing well so far. It took him a few days to settle in but once he did, his recent training with Sit Means Sit definitely shined through! He really just needs structure and someone willing to reinforce all of the good behavior he’s learned. He’s a young and energetic boy and is the type of dog that if you give him an inch, he’ll take a mile. That being said, consistency is key!

Simba’s favorite activity is playing fetch and will even drop the ball on command when he brings it back. He also knows how to sit, shake, lay down, leave it, and stay… just to name a few things. He is also potty trained and gets along with the other dogs in the household. Occasionally if he gets in their face a little too long, they’ll correct him but he responds well to that. He thoroughly enjoys chewing on toys and trying to pull out  
the squeakers inside. Only the toughest toys survive with Simba around 

Simba is just as sweet and loving as he could possibly be and follows us around wherever we go. We work from home and most of the time he just lays right by one of our desks and quietly entertains himself with a bone or toy. He happily accepts any and all attention that comes his way though. 

We think Simba’s ideal forever home would be an active household that enjoys walking, hiking, and other outdoor activities that he can join along on. We also think he would be best suited for a home that has previous experience with dogs. While we love first time dog owners too, some may potentially find Simba to be a bit overwhelming so that’s all we mean by that.

If you’d like to give sweet Simba the forever home he deserves, don’t wait!  

Mr Simba having a blast in daycare with his new buddy Smokey. he’s so fun! He is still looking to be adopted by activity family.



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