Happy Gotcha Day Snoopy!

Meet Snoopy

Snoopy is an 1.5 years old boy with beautiful white markings. He came to us with his brother Max. Snoopy is friendly, affectionate & more confident than Max. They are both playful & curious, & they rode great on their Freedom Ride. Both seem fine with other dogs & just want love from people.


Foster    Adopt

Foster update 05/03: Snoopy is doing great. He is housebroken (90% of the time). He loves wrestling with the other dogs. Snoopy is very affectionate and really funny in his own goofy kind of way. He eats slower than most dogs I have had. Most Labs tend to wolf it down. Snoopy takes his time. He is still on the slim side, but he has put on a few needed pounds. He tries to get in the bed with me almost every night but settles for a dog bed next to mine. He stays in the crate when I am gone as he will still counter surf if given the opportunity. He is just a really nice dog. He definitely likes to be in close proximity to his human family member(s). I think a family would be a great fit for him, or at least someone that could spend a lot of time with him. He gets so excited when he hears me coming in from the garage. He does bark a little, but it is a happy, playful bark. He is such a good boy


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