Happy Gotcha Day Sybil!


MEET SYBIL (and brother EDDIE)!  They are about 10 weeks old.  Check back for more information soon.

To foster, check out https://labradorfriends.com/how-to-foster/ 

To adopt, check out https://labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt/ 

To donate, check out https://labradorfriends.com/donate-2


FOSTER UPDATE 06/29/21: Someone is getting very comfortable here on the couch and even shares it with two of her big sisters.  Sybil is doing very well with commands like outside, inside, sit and we are working on lie down. Oh, for sure  she knows the word “NO”. Sybil is an explorer and loves running around outside playing with the big dogs.  We walk nicely twice a day on the leash including a 1.4 mile walk through a campground meeting everyone attracted to her little wiggly tail and body. She loves to cuddle and fall asleep in your lap when she is finished emptying the dog toy box.


FOSTER UPDATE 06/26/21: We are taking walks twice a day and getting used to the leash and she is doing surprisingly well. Housebreaking training is in progress. Most of the time we are either running around with the big dogs or waiting for a belly rub. 

FOSTER UPDATE 06/21/21: Update on sweet Miss Sybil from her foster home.  She’s personable, loves to play with pull toys and fetch balls (yes, she brings them back). And the best part is she sits in front of you until you help her onto your chair and then cuddles.  And she rules above all the other dogs even a Great Dane.

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