Meet Teeter

She was found with her Momma Beth and little brothers, Kayce (F), Monica (F), and Rip (M) abandoned and hungry on a back road in South Georgia.
They are now safe, receiving their medical evaluations and will soon each be in need of a foster or forever home.
Do you have some extra room in your home and heart for one (or two) of these sweet faces?  

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Update: Teeter has been with us for seven weeks now, and boy does her personality shine through! We call her Sassy because she is not afraid to share her opinions and she is very communicative. She has the most adorable expressions. She is a little bundle of energy and while she loves her chew toys, cannot ever decide on a favorite. Thus, she makes sure that ALL of them get equal time and attention. She also loves to play with her foster siblings and learns quickly from them. After supper she requires some snuggle time in her foster mom’s lap until it is time to go outside. Sassy was the smallest of her litter but has more than doubled her weight since we have had her – going from about 5.5 pounds to over 15 pounds. She is 19 weeks old now. Her black coat is beautiful and soft. She has a small white patch under her chin and one white toe/toenail.
She is a special girl, and she does have some special needs. Teeter/Sassy has been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Dysplasia. This is a condition where she was born with abnormal heart valves. Because the valves were not formed correctly, this can lead to issues with her heart functioning properly. Luckily, we detected this condition early and she is not exhibiting any symptoms of heart problems at this time. However, the cardiologist recommends starting her on heart medication. This condition can worsen over time so Teeter/Sassy will need frequent rechecks of her heart with the cardiologist in addition to normal routine veterinarian care.
Teeter/Sassy has been on medication for almost 5 weeks now. She has been great about taking it. It is part of our normal eating routine. Once she is finished with her food, she expects her medication before she goes to get a drink. The dosage will continue to be adjusted as she grows.
Teeter/Sassy sleeps in a crate in our room at night. She can make it through the entire night now without a trip outside. She is crated while we are not at the house or while her foster mom is working from home. She goes right in “her house” looking forward to her treat with no accidents if she is there for reasonable periods of time. We are still working on house training. Sometimes she gets busy playing and forgets to tell us she needs to go out.
She has not been around cats. She is cautious meeting other dogs but once she is comfortable enjoys playing with them. She is more comfortable around bigger dogs than other puppies because she is used to her older foster siblings at this point. She does well meeting new people, including children, at adoption events. She does not have a ton of practice at walking on a leash as we play in the backyard most of the time, but she is learning. She knows a couple commands “in your house” to go in her crate and “sit” which she can execute consistently.
We took her with us to lunch after the last adoption event and she behaved beautifully. 

Update:  Teeter is a sweet and sassy tiny little girl.  She is about 7 pounds and 11 weeks old.  She joined our family on Saturday and has quickly slide into our routines. She has slept through the night (although we do go to bed pretty late) in her crate.  She has quickly learned how to use pee pads as she begin her house training.   Teeter is tiny so we have been dividing her food into 3 meals each day. She is a great snuggler.  She loves following our pups around and imitating everything they do.

Update: Teeter loves exploring the back yard and collecting leaves.   She also enjoys following her LFS alum foster sibling Max around.She is teething right now so chew toys are required or else she finds her own….




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