We said goodbye to our sweet Old Tiff today. We got her a couple of years ago at the ripe young age of 15. Labrador Friends of the South, Inc. said that she was brought into a shelter in Winder to be put down ‘because she couldn’t walk’. She was covered in fleas, had  little hair, a chronic ear infection, was deaf as a stone and had arthritis. What’s not to love?!!?
We got her home with our other girls, and off the [probably] 10 foot chain she was on and she walked fine and sometimes would jog!
Even so – at 15, we figured we could love on her for the last 6-8 months of her life. Almost 2 years later we tearfully said goodbye to one sweet dog.
She loved people food – a leftover from her previous life. One day we drove through McDonalds and she perked right up and figured it was for her. I think she ate a lot of McDonalds in her day.
After saying goodbye I took Sippi and Annie on a ride through McDonalds – they each got a cheeseburger and we split the last one in honor of Tiff.
She is over the Rainbow Bridge – no more ear infection, no more dragging hind quarters, no more pain.
Old Tiff – thanks for adding color, kindness and sweetness to the fabric of our life. Say “Hey” to Dave, Bijan, Maggie, Molly and Bella Bear for us. We still remember them all fondly.
Thanks also to Dunwoody Animal Medical Center and Dr. Gould – they make what is never easy… dignified and humane.”
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