On Friday we woke up to discover that our sweet Miss. Toffee had crossed over the rainbow bridge in her sleep. We knew that she had been slowing down in recent weeks but her sudden passing took us by complete surprise. We are comforted in knowing that she was at home with us where she knew she was safe and tremendously loved. 

We only had the honor and pleasure of having Toffee in our family for about a year and a half but she very quickly stole our hearts. She was am amazing and loving furry child from the moment we met her. We affectionally nicknamed her “Rockstar”.  She always made instant friends with everyone she encountered. We miss her terribly but know she is running free with her furry siblings, Lexie and Jasper. 

We are very thankful to Labrador Friends of the South, especially her foster mom, for allowing Toffee to become a member of our family.

 Very sincerely,

Toffee’s Mom and Dad

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