Happy Gotcha Day Trip!

MEET TRIP: Mr Trip got his freedom ride from the shelter today. Trip is a 1.5 year old goofball with a little nub of a tail. His name is very fitting because he LOVES to be in between your legs or leaning on your legs.

Foster update 12/12/2021: Mr.Tripp is settling in nicely. He was very uneasy last night but has settled in more this morning. He seems to love water as he spent the evening playing in the puddle in the yard. He slept in the crate last night without a peep. This morning he got a much needed bath and did well. He loves to play and would enjoy and another playful 4 legged friend. He learned sit this morning and we have been working on some house manners. Tripp is a great size for someone looking for a small lab. He would also do well in a home with kids. I think he is mixed with Australian shepherd as he has a cute, wiggly bob tail.

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