Happy Gotcha Day Tyrion!


MEET TYRION.  He is one of the Game of Throne puppies (3 girls and 3 boys).  
Jon Snow, Bronn, Tyrion, Cersei, Arya and Lady Stark are about 9 weeks old.  They are going into foster homes so stay tuned to learn more about them.  🙂


Foster update 08/12: Like his siblings Tyrion is also learning to play fetch .

Watch video :WATCH Tyron learning how to fetch

Foster update 08/03:  Mr Tyrion is continuing to make himself at home in our house. He has decided to befriend our senior dachshund “Etta.” We are working hard on housetraining and Working on crate training when we leave the house. LFS alum Coachella came over last week and played with him. He has quite the little personality and pouts if he gets caught being naughty and pouts. The picture of him in the orange bed is him pouting . He shows no interest in our cats and he loves chew toys.


Update from foster o07/27: Here is a picture of Tyrion “working” with me because he needed a bit extra attention after his brother Jon Snow went to go meet a potential adopter. We are working on building up Tyrion’s confidence because he is a bit unsure of himself. He is very sweet and just loves being with people. He is curious around the other dogs and curious about the cats. He wants to join in when he sees big dogs playing but isn’t sure of himself. We are working on is house training and he has done well sleeping in his puppy pen at night. We expect there might be some nighttime transition now that his brother Jon Snow is gone. He absolutely loves food and chew toys.

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