BJ has been a delight to be around from the moment we picked him up. While we suspect he hasn’t spent much time indoors previously, he has been a complete gentleman in the house and is slowly figuring out that it’s alright to actually relax inside. He has an overall sweet disposition and loves a good chin or head scratch. Unfortunately this sweet boy is having a rough time with the initial heartworm treatment and is in need of everyone’s support now more than ever. He is currently staying overnight at the emergency vet so he can be closely monitored and will be seen by the cardiologist again in the morning. As you can imagine, this not a cheap stay but we are of course committed to doing what is best for BJ. That being said, BJ and LFS would greatly appreciate any and all donations that could be made towards his care. No amount is too small! We also ask for prayers and good vibes to be sent his way amid all the uncertainty right now. We know he is in excellent hands but our hearts are hurting for him.

Heartworm pills are very important to be give to dogs monthly. You can see heartworm pills can cost single dose 15.28 and for 6 month 77.04.
He is very strong heartworm positive and now because he hasn’t gotten any pills. He is. In very serious condition.


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