Meet Wally

Wally is doing well.  He is 19 pounds and growing like a weed. He received his last set of booster shots last week. 

He loves toys – chew toys and stuffed todays and soft places to nest.

Wally is highly food motivated.  He is doing great with crate training.  I am back in the office two days a week and he is dealing well with it. He is crated in the same room as our pups.

He has learned to scale his play pen so we are having to use puppy gates to keep him contained in smaller areas of the house.  He is curious and likes to chew on things so puppy proofing will be required.

He thrives when he is playing with our pups and we think he would be happiest with another dog.  He does not care to be alone so he is happier when he moves room to room with us.

He has not been around cats or children so we don’t know how he would do with them.  He does has a tendency to pester our dachshund mix so we think he would do the same with a cat.     

Foster Update 05/14 :Wally has been doing so well and has seamlessly slipped into our family’s routine.  He still sleeps in a crate in our room at night but when I am working from home he is free to roam the house with his foster siblings.  He has been doing great with the house training.  He likes to cuddle for his “before bedtime nap” when a human is available.

One of his favorite things to do is to empty the toy baskets every day.  We have one in the living room and one in the bedroom.  His favorite toys are the Benebones, Nylabones and antlers.  He does like to cuddle with his stuffed animals at night.

Wally will be 5 months old later this month.  He likes to play with the other dogs and has spurts of expected puppy energy.  He is still food motivated and is insane at dinner time. Overall Wally has a petty laid back personality and would be a great addition to any family who has the time to give him the love and attention he craves.

Foster Update 02/14: Wally came home with us on Saturday so we are still learning about him.  What we know so far:

– Wally is about 8 weeks old.  He weighs 9 pounds. He eats well and enjoys treats.
– He is definitely a Lab friend.  His ears and face don’t indicate Labrador so we will have to wait until he gets a little bigger to figure out what his mix is.  We can tell you he is super cute and has a very sweet personality.
– Wally rode beautifully in the car on the way home.  He slept most of the trip.
– He has slept through the first two nights (12-6 am) with no accidents in his crate.  He sleeps in our room along with our pups.
– Wally fusses a bit when first going into his crate but settles in after a few minutes with his toys
– He has been great about letting us know when he needs to go outside.  We haven’t had an accident yet.  When we left to go to church and the store he used his potty pad exactly the way he should.
– Wally does not love the cold.  We got him a sweatshirt and he seems much more comfortable outside. He is very efficient; he does his business and is ready to go inside. We did get him to play a bit yesterday afternoon when it was sunny.
– He is curious about the other dogs but isn’t in their face all the time.  He gives kisses and hasn’t decided what to do when they try to play with him.  To be fair, they are much bigger than he is.
– Wally is teething and chewing. He likes fingers and Crocs but can be redirected to toys.

Wally has been an easy-going puppy so far and we think he would be a great addition to a family that has time to spend training a new pup.

Update 03/09/2022:

Wally is a sweet puppy approximately 11 weeks old.  He is about 15 pounds and has fully recovered from kennel cough.

He has been with us just shy of 4 weeks.  Unfortunately he had to spend 2 weeks of that time in isolation from our other pups. Despite that, he has been in great spirits and enjoys being loved on and playing with his humans and his toys.  He self-entertains with his stuffed squeaky toys and chew toys then will nap until he needs to go out.

Wally is a typical puppy – energetic and excited to experience anything and everything.  He is very expressive – his ears, his voice, his body language.  He has some sass and attitude .

We are working on house training. Since he has been in isolation, he hasn’t had much experience in wide open spaces but he is usually good about tell us when he needs to go out.  He sleeps through the night in his crate in our room.  He has from day 1. 

Wally is food motivated.  He consistently executes “sit” for food and treats. He is good about going into his crate for bedtime, when I am working in my home office or when we leave the house.  Wally is quick on picking up household routines. He rides beautifully in the car.  Overall he has been a pretty easy puppy.

Wally has not been around kids or cats.  He enjoys playing with our dogs and us.  We think he will pester cats because he is curious and wants to play with all other creatures but if the cat was dog-savvy it may be okay.

We think he would make a great addition to any household. He’d love canine siblings but humans only would be fine as long as you can invest the attention and time he needs.

Come meet Wally this Saturday at our adoption event!



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