Our Holiday parties have a reputation for always been on a day that is either very very cold or raining very hard. Our first party was during the drought and yet that day we had a river of water flowing under our tent. This year was not different: It was raining and cold… yet we were all very happy. Why? Because every year this is the time we celebrate our accomplishments and we get to see our alumni.  That day there were kisses,  reunions with past fosters, naps and puppy love, and photos with Santa. Holiday Party 1_1

Even when the wind took down our tents and got us all soaking wet we were still smiling. The love of a rescue dog warms you from the inside out so, after restoring the tents, we were back to loving on our dogs.

Holiday Party 2

That day 8 dogs were adopted. The total number of dogs adopted this year is around 175 bringing the number of dogs saved and adopted since we started in 2006 to 1201 (and more by now already)! This job is not easy but days like this makes it all worth it. Jenny and I always look forward to cutting that cake and thanking all our volunteers.

Holiday Party 3

As we wait for the start of a new exciting year,  let us also thank all of you who have supported us in this journey as we would not be here without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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