Today my latest foster’s family posted a new picture on their Facebook page that I need share with everyone. This is exactly why what we do is so rewarding: Our job is not simply saving dogs and finding them a home, it is matching them with the right family. McGraw (was CC) is now Buddy’s (was Air Bud) best friend and the security blanket Buddy needs to jump into new adventures, even as little as stepping up to the front door! This is what an outgoing friend can do to a shy dog. Way to go Buddy and CC.

This is what their mom posted on FB next to this picture:

“Ok cute pic right – we had a deer visiting our feeder and they were intrigued but the big deal is that after 4 months with us Buddy was standing at the front door looking out ! Up to this point the front door was necessary but scary to him . People are out there ! Way to go Buddy and thanks McGraw for showing Buddy a new world !:-)”

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