Hi, everyone – We’re heartbroken to share that our precious Wrigley (formerly Elvis) crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He was a beloved member of our family for over 15 years! Wrigley was a peanut butter connoisseur, refusing to take his daily medication enrobed in anything but Jif. He loved chasing fireflies, not discouraged by having never caught one. He never met a door he couldn’t bust through with his huge head, had no sense of personal space, spoke at only FULL volume, and never quite learned the concept of “play gently.” He tore through toys, wrestled to the point of exhaustion (ours, not his), and threw his entire being into his nightly playtime, which he enjoyed until he was almost 14 years old. Once he reached his senior years, he loved nothing more than roaming the backyard, and would make it clear you should settle into a patio chair because he was going to be out there for a while.

He also had an introspective side, and could stand for hours watching out a window, king of all he surveyed. He adored his “little sister,” Turner (LFS Alum Barbados from the Island Puppies) and never strayed too far from her. He was an ambassador of sorts in the neighborhood, taking multiple walks a day, with many a child stopping over the years to ask if they could pet him and then typically commenting, “He’s soooo soft and fluffy!”

Most of all, he was a loyal friend and family member to his people. We are so thankful to LFS for rescuing our boy when he was just a little puppy, and for allowing us to adopt him into our family. He brought us so much joy and we will miss him terribly.

With heavy hearts—
The Ferris Family

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