Happy Gotcha Day Yoko!

Meet Yoko!

Meet the Beatles and Yoko litter: 4 boys and 1 girl.  They are 15 weeks old.  They are 20-28lbs. George is smallest and John is largest.  All sweet and a little shy, but chubby and good eaters.  Thanks to Miss Jeannie for transporting them on their freedom ride to the vet.

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates!

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Foster update:Yoko (who we’ve nicknamed Roxy) had her first road trip last weekend.  She traveled to Myrtle Beach to see family.  She traveled well in the car with two of her furry foster siblings.

Roxy is very reserved and timid in new settings and situations.  It is difficult to gauge her true personality in new locations and at events like adoption day.  She was just starting to warm up to my family when we left on Sunday morning.

We got in lots of practice walking on a leash over the weekend but she was very glad to have the freedom to run in her fenced back yard when we got home.

She is so worth the patience and effort.  Roxy is a loving girl that just wants to have fun with her canine friends during the day and snuggle in the evenings with her humans.

Foster update: Yoko (who we’ve nicknamed Roxy) is a beautiful girl! Her blonde coat is soft and fluffy and her tail curls.  She is about 26 pounds and 5 1/2 months old.  One of her favorite activities is to empty the toy baskets of nylabones, benebones, and antlers and carry them back and forth between the bedroom to the living room.   She LOVES our dogs and enjoys rough housing with Max and Abby and exploring the yard with them.

Roxy continues to work on house training and walking on a leash.  She can consistently execute “sit”, “in your house”, and “down”.  Roxy is crate trained and does well with it – no accident.  She is crated when we are away from the house.  She can sleep in a crate in our room but she doesn’t care for it and prefers to sleep with us.  She is an excellent office mate for the days that I work from home – quiet and well behaved.

Roxy has a lot of goofy puppy personality.  She loves to chase moths at night and loses focus on why we are outside at times.  She would do best in a home that can continue to work on basic puppy manners, has another dog to play with and has older kids. She is super sweet but gets really excited and can forget to be gentle and will often jump.  When she gets excited she will bite/nibble on clothes.  She also likes to counter surf for treats and take off with clothing items from laundry baskets.  We continue to work with her on these things.  She is highly food motivated so teaching isn’t difficult.  Consistent reinforcement is the key.

Roxy is such a sweet, curious, and loving girl. 

Update: Yoko has been with us for almost 3 weeks now.  She is a beautiful energetic puppy with a wonderful personality.  Her features and some mannerisms remind us of a fox so she has ended up with a nickname of Roxy.

She is 25 lbs and 19 weeks old. No exposure to cats. She was accepting of greetings from strangers including kids at a recent vet visit.  She is crate trained and mostly house trained. She knows “sit” and we are working on other commands.

She has gotten comfortable at our house with our pack.  She enjoys our 4 dogs but we think she would be okay as an only dog as long as she will receive LOTS of human companionship and attention. Yoko/Roxy would be best in an active home as she has a high energy level. She is smart and easily bored which brings out her mischievous side.  She will counter surf or disappear with clothing or shoes if left to her own devices. We lost a few phone cords and one shoe that first week but she has settled (and we know to watch more closely) since then.

Yoko/Roxy is a great snuggler when she settles down on the evenings.

Update: Yoko is a wonderful co-worker on the days I work from home.  She settles into a bed or finds a spot on the carpet and rests while I work.  On occasion she will watch out the window to see what is happening in the neighborhood.

Yoko loves chew toys.  One of her favorite things to do is empty the chew toy baskets in the living room and bedroom each day.  She enjoys stuffed toys as well but her favorite is an antler or benebone fish.

Update They are all typical happy puppies who love to give hugs and snuggles! They love to chase toys and are learning to sit for treats

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