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Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Lucy1


Meet LUCY! She is 1.5 year old. She came to us from rural Alabama. She is very very sweet although a little worried right now. Stay tuned while we find out about her from her foster family.

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MEET KINGSLEY! Kingsley is a pretty 12 week old labby girl who is happy to be getting settled in her foster home! If you are interested in adopting Kingsley, please click here . If you are already approved, please email labfriendinfo@gmail.com.  

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MEET FRANKIE! Frankie is a super cute and super wiggly 1 year old male! He is good with other dogs and with cats. Frankie is a sweet boy who, for his young age, is pretty mellow. Frankie is settling into his foster home but can’t wait to find his forever home! If you are interested […]

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Sampson – Adopted 01/27/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Sampson! Meet SAMPSON! He is a handsome 4 year old chocolate boy. He was pulled from a shelter after his owners dropped him there. He is a sweet boy and was so grateful to be out of the shelter that he stood with his head between the seats next to his transporter the […]

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Chester – Adopted 01/25/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Chester! MEET CHESTER! Chester is a very sweet and very chill 4-5 year old boy that was found stray and then found himself in a shelter with no hope – until LFS came for him! Chester rode great in the car on his freedom ride and appears to do well with other […]

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Colby – Adopted 01/25/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Colby! MEET Colby! She is about 9 weeks old and came to us from a shelter in Alabama. She is so cute. If you’re interested in adopting, please fill out an app today! COLBY UPDATE! Sweet Colby of the ‘Say Cheese’ pups has been released from the hospital and is recovering & resting […]

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Meet SMOKEY! Smokey is a very sweet boy who loves hanging out with people and is fine with other dogs. He does not get along with cats, so we need a home that is cat-free. Poor Smokey is still in boarding and we desperately need to get him in a foster home. If you can […]

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MEET BO! Bo is a shy 2 year old boy very shy and sweet . He is looking for a forever home without cats.  If you would like to adopt Bo, please click here.      

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MEET MEME! Meme is a very sweet, calm and gentle 4 year old girl. She was used as a breeding dog and spent much of her time in a kennel. As you can see, she is so happy to leave that life behind. Stay tuned as we learn more about this pretty girl. If you […]

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Jonathan – Adopted 01/24/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Jonathan!     Meet JONATHAN! Jonathan is about 2-3 year old small (about 55 lbs)  and has gorgeous amber eyes. He arrived with his ‘furry family’ – an adult female and 3 puppies! He was found as a stray on a road in Alabama known to be a dumping place for unwanted dogs. A good samaritan took them […]

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Lady Bug – Adopted 01/24/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Lady Bug! Meet LADY BUG! Lady Bug is a pretty 2-3 year old lab who was found with Jonathan on a rural Alabama road known to be a place for people to dump their unwanted dogs. A good Samaritan took them in, and shortly after realized Lady Bug was pregnant. She took wonderful […]

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Brie – Adopted 01/20/2015

  Happy Gotcha Day Brie! MEET BRIE!! She is about 9 weeks old and came to us from a shelter in Alabama. She is so cute. If you’re interested in adopting, please fill out an app today! The ‘Say Cheese’ puppies all came down with parvo a few days after arriving to us. They are currently […]

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Levi – Adopted 01/16/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Levi! Meet LEVI! Levi is a handsome 5 year old boy who was rescued from a shelter in Alabama. He has a big black head, soft coat and easy 90 pounds. Very friendly, goofy, laid back but he can’t wait to find his forever home!    

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MEET FETA!! She is about 9 weeks old and came to us from a shelter in Alabama. She is so cute. If you’re interested in adopting, please fill out an app today! The ‘Say Cheese’ puppies all came down with parvo a few days after arriving to us. They are currently in the best possible hands […]

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Daisy – Adopted 01/10/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Daisy! Meet DAISY! Daisy is a sweet yellow girl, around 18 months old, who was found hanging out near a school on a busy road.  A kind family took her in, but they have 2 dogs of their own & have asked LFS to help find her a forever home. Daisy is […]

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Cappi – Adopted 01/09/15

Happy Gotcha Day Cappi! Sweet Miss Cappi found herself at animal control with only a few days to spare.  Luckily for her now she is a LFS dog for the rest of her life. She is between 1 and 2 years old. She is really sweet and a little shy. She seems great with other […]

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Joe – Adopted 01/03/15

Happy Gotcha Day Joe! Meet JOE! Joe is a LFS Christmas miracle. He is an 8 month old gorgeous black lab who was dumped at animal control. He was terrified and confused and we could not leave him there with an uncertain future. And, because of our amazing volunteers, he got his freedom ride! Initially he was shy […]

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Callie – Adopted 12/29/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Callie! Meet CALLIE! Callie is a 4 year old female that just joined the LFS family after almost 18 months in a shelter in AL. She is a sweet, submissive girl who is very laid back and very happy to be out of the shelter! Callie knows how to sit and takes treats […]

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Tinsel – Adopted 12/28/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Tinsel! Isn’t Tinsel the cutest?!  Tinsel is a 6 month old puppy who already knows sit. She has non-contagious demodex mange so she is not looking her best now but she is in treatment and which a few weeks she will look a lot better. She is social, fun, and just a […]

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