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Labrador Friends of the South - Adopted Snoopie

Snoopie – Adopted 12/17/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Snoopie. Meet Mr Snoopy. Snoopy is one year old and a wonderful happy go lucky boy. He found himself at animal control but luckily now he is with us. He is a great young boy looking for a great home.

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Labrador Friends of the South - Adopted Loki

Loki – Adopted 12/17/2014

Loki  worked his way into his foster mom heart… and he is not leaving from there. Good job Mr Loki.MEET LOKI! This sweet 6 month old boy just came in. He is good with kids and small dogs. He is very gentle and likes to hand out hugs to anyone close enough to love on. […]

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Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Butkus 5


Meet Butkus. Butkus’s mom had to move into a small apartment and could no longer give him the attention and exercise he needed so she contacted us for help. He is so sweet we could not help but love him from the start. Butkus is 3 years old and handsome. At the moment is a […]

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Labrador Friends of the South _ Adopted Lab Voo

Voo – Adopted 12/14/2014

Meet VOO! Voo is Callie’s brother and like Callie, he had been at a shelter for 1 1/2 years. Voo is 4 years old and obviously very handsome. He is very chill, and a bit timid and shy – which is understandable given the circumstances he’s coming from – but we’re hoping to put a smile on […]

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Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Cappi 5


Sweet Miss Cappi found herself at animal control with only a few days to spare.  Luckily for her now she is a LFS dog for the rest of her life. She is between 1 and 2 years old. She is really sweet and a little shy. She seems great with other dogs so far. Stay […]

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The dreaded Christmas Puppy

In the rescue world, holidays are hard for many reasons but the hardest of all is Christmas. December is “Christmas puppy” time, that time of the year when people ask us to adopt a puppy as a Christmas morning surprise. We, as most reputable rescues, do not allow surprise adoptions: Many years of experience and […]

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Labrardor Friends of the South - Available Lab Tinsel 4


Isn’t Tinsel the cutest?!  Tinsel is a 6 month old puppy who already knows sit. She has non-contagious demodex mange so she is not looking her best now but she is in treatment and which a few weeks she will look a lot better. She is social, fun, and just a happy puppy. UPDATE FROM […]

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Labrador Friends Available Lab _ Brownie 5


Meet Brownie, she is a super sweet 2 years old girl. She was turned in to animal control by her family who could not take care of her anymore. She is very well behaves and even knows  sit. She is a little overweight so we put her on the special LFS diet. Come back soon […]

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Labrador Friends of the South - Adopted Stowaway

Stowaway – Adopted 12/10/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Stowaway! Someone was waiting for you for a long time… good luck. Meet STOWAWAY! This pretty girl is about 1 year old and 50lbs. She was found as a stray, but is safe now! She is very sweet and seems to be good with other dogs. Stay tuned as we learn more […]

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MEET ZEKE! This handsome boy is about 4 years old and really sweet. He was found as a stray dragging a 20 foot chain, and his fur is all bleached out, so it is evident someone used to leave him outside and not interact with him much. He is very shy and scared at the moment, but with some […]

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Hamish – Adopted 12/07/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Hamish! Meet HAMISH! Hamish is a 5 year old boy who found himself homeless as a result of a tragic murder/suicide. He’s probably feeling a little confused about why everything in his life has changed so dramatically, but he is a very sweet and playful boy. FOSTER UPDATE: Handsome Hamish is adjusting well […]

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McGraw – Adopted 12/06/2014

Happy Gotcha Day McGraw! Meet MCGRAW! McGraw is a sweet  1 year old, 62lbs boy, who was found as stray and now rescued from a shelter. We are still learning about him. Stay tuned as we learn more about him.    

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Jewel – Adopted 12/06/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Jewel! Meet JEWEL. She’s a big girl – 76 pounds. She’s sweet & apparently good with other dogs.  She is heart worm positive and will be treated in the coming weeks. If you would like to donate to her care, check out www.labradorfriends.com/donate. FOSTER UPDATE: Jewel does not need to be crated while her […]

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Bear – Adopted 12/06/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Bear! Meet BEAR. This handsome 2 year old boy was taken to the UGA vet school by a Good Samaritan when he was found attacked near a hunting camp. Unfortunately, UGA couldn’t help him so they asked us to help. Bear is a sweet boy who seems to be just that, a […]

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Chesney Adopted

Chesney – Adopted 12/05/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Chesney! Meet CHESNEY! Chesney is 1 year old boy who was found as stray and now rescued from a shelter. We are still learning about him. He is a gorgeous 55lbs and really just want some loving. Stay tuned as we learn more about him.  

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BooBoo – Adopted 12/04/2014

Happy Gotcha Day BooBoo! MEET BOOBOO. This 2-year-old-girl is super sweet and loves to give lots of kisses. She was on euthanize list and on her last day at the shelter. But she was saved just in time. She gets along with people and dogs. She is also only around 40 pounds which is a […]

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Zoey – Adopted 12/02/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Zoey! MEET ZOEY. She’s a sweet 11 years old girl, owner surrender. Good with kids, cats, dogs.  House trained FOSTER UPDATE: Zoey is doing great, will fetch a ball for hours-loves people, fine with dogs, shows no interest in the other dogs-no prey drive noticed.  

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Garth – Adopted 11/23/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Garth! Meet GARTH!  Two days after Chesney and McGraw were picked up, a third brother showed up. He had an extra two days hold so two days later we sent one of our wonderful transporters to pick him up. Now we have all three brothers! Garth is smaller than his brothers at 48 […]

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Hutch – Adopted 11/22/2014

 Happy Gotcha Day Hutch!   MEET HUTCH! Hutch is somewhere around 6 to 8 months old and super cute! He is very friendly and can’t wait to find his forever home. FOSTER UPDATE: As you can see from picture Hutch loves a rawhide. This was his reward for being so good at dog park today. He came […]

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Moose – Adopted 11/22/2014

    Happy Gotcha Day, Moose! Meet MOOSE. Moose is a 6 year old beautiful chocolate boy who just arrived. He was on his last day at the shelter and was saved just in time. He is very sweet, knows sit, and is extremely food motivated. Unfortunately, Moose is heartworm positive and will need treatment in […]

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Labrador Friends of the South Lincoln Lab Rescue-5-3

Lincoln – Adopted 11/16/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Lincoln! Meet LINCOLN! Lincoln is a handsome 1 year old who was abandoned in a backyard in AL and has found his way to LFS. He knows how to sit and is very playful and friendly.

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Meet CALLIE! Callie is a 4 year old female that just joined the LFS family after almost 18 months in a shelter in AL. She is a sweet, submissive girl who is very laid back and very happy to be out of the shelter! Callie knows how to sit and takes treats very gently.  

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Ruby – Adopted 11/15/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Ruby!   Meet RUBY! Ruby is about 3 years old. She is fully house trained, does not need to be crated, and knows many commands. She eagerly greets her foster parents when they come home and likes to be around them.  Ruby is doing great.  She is a very sweet and sensitive dog […]

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Maggie Moo – Adopted 11/15/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Maggie Moo! Meet MAGGIE MOO. She is 2 years old and super sweet. She rides well in car looking out of the window. She is my shadow and will follow me around the house. She is recovering from spay so she is still not feeling well so she found a bad and quickly fell asleep […]

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Meet JENNY! Jenny is a 6 year old girl who’s owner was sadly killed in a car accident which has left her with nowhere to go, so LFS has taken her in.  Although she can be a little alpha at first,she is a sweet girl who knows sit and gets along with other dogs.

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