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Blondie – Adopted 07/29/2015

  Happy Gotcha Day Blondie!   Meet BLONDIE!! Blondie is a super sweet 3 year old female yellow lab. She has medium to high energy, a typical Labrador. Unfortunately Blondie is HW positive, so she will have to undergo treatment before she can be adopted. If you are able and would like to donate toward […]

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Pepper – Adopted 07/25/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Pepper!Meet PEPPER! He is a 2-3 year old male with medium to high energy. Pepper’s ideal home is an active family who likes to run, walk, or going on hikes. He gets along great with other dogs, big or small, and he would do well with another dog that loves to play. […]

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Harper – Adopted 07/23/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Harper! Meet HARPER! Harper seems like a typical 1 year old lab.  She’s got dark chocolate coat, medium energy and likes to have chew toys.  She’s pretty good about learning what she can have and what she can’t have, but she’ll need someone to provide her the guidance.  She likes to fetch, which is […]

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Mr. T – Adopted 07/22/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Mr.T! Meet MR. T!!! Mr. T is a sweet 3.5 year old boy who just spent the past 3 years of his life in a shelter. UPDATE: After 3.5 years Mr T has a fence yard to run it and he is loving it. As you can see from the pictures, he is […]

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Moose (Ed) – Adopted 07/18/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Moose! Meet MOOSE! Moose is a 5 month old chocolate lab mix.  He is current and up to date on all of his shots including canine flu.  However, he has not yet been neutered as the vet felt it was best to wait for that. He is every bit the puppy you […]

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Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Nemo (1 of 1)-3b


Meet NEMO!!! This handsome Dudley Lab is about 1-1.5 years old and was found as a stray. Despite all efforts, his owners could not be located and the people who found him could not keep him, so now he’s an LFS dog. Nemo is a very happy go lucky dog, a typical lab. He loves […]

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Mattie – Adopted 07/14/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Mattie! Meet MATTIE! Mattie was surrendered to us by a family who was not sure could take good care of her. We  initially thought she was pregnant, instead she is just overweight… so she is currently on a diet. She is very sweet and a little lazy.  She smiles! Mattie is 2 […]

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Meet MILLIE!! This sweet girl is about 8 years old. She was found as a stray two months ago, but despite all efforts to find her family, she was never reclaimed. The kind people who found her contacted LFS to give her another chance. Now this pretty girl is a little scared and unsure of […]

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Lilly – Adopted 07/12/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Lilly! Lilly is a wonderful 4 years old lab. She is a sweet, precocious, loving, and very playful  pet.  She is also strong-willed  but responds well to commands and treats.  Over the past year she has lived in a household with an older dog as well as two youngish cats which she […]

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Maggie – Adopted 07/12/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Maggie! Meet MAGGIE! Maggie is 2 years and 6 months old girl medium energy. Maggie was surrendered to us together with Mattie and Cuddles from a family who felt could not take good care of them anymore. Maggie is super sweet and happy, he tail is always wagging. Come back soon for an update on […]

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Ajax – Adopted 07/01/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Ajax! Ajax is a 15-16 weeks old puppy.  He loves other dogs and children.  His foster family has 5 children and 4 dogs and he gets along beautifully with everyone.  He loves taking walks, chasing his tennis ball and being rocked by his foster mommy. Ajax would do great in a home […]

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Juan – Adopted 07/01/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Juan! Meet Juan. This super sweet 8 months old chocolate lab found himself at animal control. He has a large hernia on his belly so his chances of getting adopted from animal control were close to zero. So we decided to take him in. Our wonderful vet will operate his hernia and […]

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Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Estwood (1 of 1)-2


  Meet Eastwood! This funny little guy is a 7 year old beagle. We know, we know, he’s not a Lab, but he blends in with his Labrador foster brothers and sisters with ease! Eastwood was rescued from a complicated divorce situation by one of our volunteers, so that’s how he came to be with […]

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Stella – Adopted 06/28/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Stella!Meet STELLA!!! Stella is about a year old and was found as a stray in Louisiana. She’s new to LFS and we’re still learning more about her, so check back for more info soon! UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM:Stella is a very loving and sweet little girl.  She is coming around very quickly […]

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Stacy – Adopted 06/28/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Stacy/Cinder!Meet STACY! Stacy is the newest addition to LFS, and she’s still a bit unsure of her surroundings, but with some TLC from our volunteers, she should become more comfortable soon. Her lovely transporter says, “Stacy is so sweet, though very timid and scared right now…She’s going to need a little work to come […]

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Hugz – Adopted 06/28/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Hugz! Meet HUGZ. Hugz is one of the 3 Valentine’s Day Puppies. She is only 9 weeks old. Stay tuned while we find out more about her. FOSTER UPDATE:Hugz has recovered completely from her fractured leg and is ready for her forever home! She is a super sweet puppy who loves to […]

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Toddy – Adopted 06/28/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Toddy! Meet TODDY! She is 7 months old and from the litter of puppies that arrived from MS. Toddy and her siblings were unfortunately turned into a shelter by their owner. Toddy is a sweet girl, who is gentle and with a playful side. When she’s not snuggled up with her foster siblings or parents, she likes […]

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Deacon – Adopted 6/23/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Deacon!Meet DEACON!! This adorable lab mix pup is 12 weeks old, super sweet and cuddly. Stay tuned as we find out more info about this funny little guy! If you’re interested in fostering Deacon, please email Christie at labfriendchristie@gmail.com. FOSTER UPDATE: Deacon is doing wonderfully.  As I type he’s sleeping while touching me […]

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Tanner Adopted

Tanner – Adopted 6/19/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Tanner! Meet TANNER! This handsome older gentleman is about 9 years old and only weighs around 45lbs.  Unfortunately, Tanner’s previous owner is unable to keep him any longer, but they’ve done the right thing in contacting a rescue in hopes we could find Tanner a great new home. Tanner is a good […]

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Meet BRANDY!! Miss Brandy is about 8 years old and has not had the best life so far. Her coat is extremely bleached out from being outside for a long time and probably some malnutrition. Miss Brandy does not like cats, and she would do best in a home without children under the age of […]

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Molly – Adopted 06/14/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Molly! MEET MOLLY!! Molly is a sweet 5 year old female lab mix who found herself at a shelter. LFS stepped in to give her a second chance on life. Molly is a calm girl who seems to get along well with others. Keep checking back for more info as we learn […]

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Meet WORTHY!! This handsome boy is around 5 years old and was found as a stray. He was taken to the shelter, after which LFS was contacted to give this guy a second chance. Worthy is unfortunately Heartworm positive and very underweight, so he will need to fill out and then undergo HW treatment. True to his namesake, […]

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Hogan – Adopted 06/05/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Hogan! Meet HOGAN. Palmer and Hogan were found together as strays and left at the Gilmer County Shelter.  Both are about 5-6 months old and have slightly docked tails. Now they have hit the jackpot and joined the LFS family!  Palmer has a thick yellow coat and soft caramel ears.  He was […]

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Levi – Adopted 06/03/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Levi! Have a beautiful new life with your great new family! Meet LEVI!! This sweet handsome boy is around 9 years old. Levi’s previous owner didn’t want him anymore, so she brought him to a vet clinic to be euthanized. The doctors at the clinic refused to euthanize a dog with so […]

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Buck – Adopted 06/03/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Buck!Meet BUCK!! Buck is a handsome purebred 2.5 year old male. He gets along great with kids and seems to do well with other dogs. A mean dog barked at him in the vet office lobby and he tried to run away. Like most labs, Buck enjoys water. He is still somewhat […]

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